olympia sport

The first club Social athlete in Damietta Olympia Club is a private club An independent legal personality designed to create A unique, sophisticated, attention-based model By building and upgrading man in all Social domains and aspects Health, psychological, intellectual and cultural Scientific, physical and recreational about The path of physical education and the spirit Creative patriotism and creativity development.

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Swimming pools

Olympic pool

Half olympic pool

Children pool

Swimming pools are designed according to the specifications and international standards of the Federation of Vienna Olympic bath 50 * 25 with a surface of 1250 m Olympic half-bath 25 * 12.5 flat 625 m Warm water, winter system with overflow purification

Olympia stadiums

Handball courts

Football pitches

Three soccer fields in a stadium One sevenfold of the Dutch grass Globalism

Tartan multi court for basket, hand and tennis Made with Olympic specifications and materials International

Supported lighting with eight columns length Each column 12 m with distinctive searchlights make The region during the day at night

Track Olympia

Track design is the finest and latest materials Global elastic tartan used in Olympic stadiums 250 meters long


Ladies Club

ladies Gym

Aerobics hall

Indoor pool

The social building

Squash courts

Meetings Hall

Cafes and restaurants

Multipurpose halls